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Gustav Leonhardt


Louis Couperin

Pavana (1651)
Suite in re maggiore

Dietrich Buxtehude

Praeludium Bux 163
Rofilis, tre variazioni

Joann Kaspar Kerll

Toccata di durezze e ligature

Johann Pachelbel

Tre fughe
Fantasia in si bemolle maggiore

Georg Böhm

Chaconne in sol maggiore

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer

Chaconne in la minore
Chaconne in sol maggiore

Henry Purcell

Suite in re maggiore
Ground "Crown the Altar"

Johann Sebastian Bach

Aria variata alla maniera italiana BWV 989

"Naturally also a performing artist needs precision, but it is not a precision of thinking, it is a precision of imagination of what another person (the composer) might have imagined.

A composition may be based on certain fixed intellectual structures; in performance however (even in performance by the composer) these become slightly irregular and flexible with regard to lenght, loudness and colour of each note.

In fact I must confess here, that during performance, thinking is (should be) a thing of the past: then, only the flexible piece of music exists.

If it would be possible to fix a perfect performance once and forever, and wearable to every possible scrutinization, then, Magnifico Rettore, I might have earned a real doctorate long ago."

(G.Leonhardt, dalla lectio magistralis, Università di Padova, 24 ottobre 2000)